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Flawless 2 by AeonsShadow Flawless 2 :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 2 0 Dress design: Flawless by AeonsShadow Dress design: Flawless :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 1 0 Tulip by AeonsShadow Tulip :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 0 0 Shadowball by AeonsShadow Shadowball :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 0 0 Sludgebomb by AeonsShadow Sludgebomb :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 1 2
Chapter one
                                                    Chapter one
                                                  Adventure Awaits
                                                 Or, Rival 1, me 0.
I wake up with a shock as the truck grinds to a halt, one of the piled boxes of clothes came toppling onto me with a dull thud. “Holy Mew!” I yelled out in shock as the rest of the boxes started to tilt towards me. I jumped up and steadied them as trucks door came open, nearly blinding me. Squinting my eyes I glared out as my mom grinned at me. “Have a good nap?” she asked brightly, her c
:iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 0 0
The Emerald Age
                                  The Emerald Age
                                Randomized Nuzlocke
Da Rules
1. If a pokemon faints, it is dead. No exceptions.
2. Drugs are bad mkay? No battle enhancing items (attack up etc) may be used, not counting healing items (antidote etc)
Clause 1: Candy is still candy.
3.  Only the first pokemon met in each area may be caught.
Clause one: If you miss it, and meet it again directly after this, then you may try again, after that, it's too late.
Clause two: No doubles, you may skip of pokemon you already have twice, after that, no dice.
Clause three: pokemon you are given do not count against the one pokemon rule.
4. No legendaries in team, they must be free and wild, lest unsavory folk try to take them.
Psuedo-legendaries don't count.
:iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 0 0
Roz by AeonsShadow Roz :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 1 0 Meanwhile Haunter is the sick f... by AeonsShadow Meanwhile Haunter is the sick f... :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 5 2
The end of the world as I know it
Tonight I sit here,
smiling at the fact that people think
that the world will end by some godly act.
And yet every day my world comes to an end as I know it.
The night taking away my life of the previous day
and the previous way I used to think.
And every day I wake up,
it's a whole new world,
a whole new day,
a whole new LIFE,
full of new doors to open,
new options to explore.
My life is full of happiness, love,
and most importantly,
it's full of a new outlook on life each day,
if only different from yesterdays by a little.
But a little is a lot when you think about the years gone past, how much you might have changed from who you are now. So while all those people sit pretty in thier bunkers, I'm lounging in a lawn chair, watching the world end for the millionth time so that it can begin anew in the morning.
Because no matter how you feel,
no matter what you think,
about me or anyone else,
It's the end of MY world as I know it. and I feel FINE.
:iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 3 2
The melody of life
Once there was an old woman who lived deep in the woods. All alone, she eked out a living deep in the woods, growing her own food and helping travelers who cam by her house now and then for advice and herbs. She was a kindly soul who never refused even the meanest of souls that happened by her house.
And so, one day a curious traveler who had happened across her home asked her, "Why do you live all the way out here? Is it not dangerous to live alone so deep in these dangerous woods?" He stared at her with curious eyes as she contemplated how to answer the child before her. Her answer instead came in a riddle, "What is nature? What is Life? and what do these two things have in common?" she asked him. He thought about it and said, "Survival?"
She just shook her head smiling. "No, though it was a good answer. Stay here for a night and maybe you will know the true answer. Though you must help me ready the house up for a guest." She said as she tended her garden. And so he stayed, helping h
:iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 4 3
DK Caption contest: Fear by AeonsShadow DK Caption contest: Fear :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 7 4
-Name: Jaice Grimmol
-Age: 16
-Gender: Male
-Height/Weight/build: (in description)
-Hometown: Solaceon town*does not remember much about it*
-Region: Sinnoh, moved frequently, last known home in Kanto.
-Race: Human
-Trainer Description: He is 5'10", and 186.5 Lbs despite his thin appearance. His eyes are a startling blue, almost silver like Diamonds reflecting off the sea.  His hair is blonde with the tips Died black, making it look like he stuck his tongue in an electrical socket. He wears Glasses half most of the time, square single focal styled glasses but dislikes them and so keeps them in a pocket.  He always wears a black button up shirt and slacks, as if ready for some important event, (though he never does go to them if he's invited,) and a fedora. He happens to also have a pop-up top hat and a ball cap in his bag.
-description of alternative outfits:  He carries in his handy dandy super duffle bag modified backpack, swim shorts, his "battle/traini
:iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 0 0
Dwarven Drinking song
There once was a dwarf named Draggin,
Had a beard that was long as could be,
But his posture would never be saggin~
As he went to go drink an inn clean!
:iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 2 4
Dapper Ghastly ID by AeonsShadow Dapper Ghastly ID :iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 3 39
Tyrant's Rhyme
Tell me the story where the hero fails, where the tyrant still rules and evil prevails. Where the heroes do come and the heroes DO fall. the one where you never could save any at all, and make it the ending where you end up right there, begging for mercy at my coat tails. But remember the story as your true final thought, because tomorrow your head will be on a pike, in THAT spot.
:iconaeonsshadow:AeonsShadow 0 0


Pokemon - Bounsweet by Dragonith Pokemon - Bounsweet :icondragonith:Dragonith 2,594 256 Petty Nuzlocke Challenge-- Pokeball Meme by pettyartist Petty Nuzlocke Challenge-- Pokeball Meme :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 335 38 Petty Nuzlocke Challenge-- Pokeball Meme LG ed. by pettyartist Petty Nuzlocke Challenge-- Pokeball Meme LG ed. :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 280 15 Ready 4 More by ChaloDillo
Mature content
Ready 4 More :iconchalodillo:ChaloDillo 1,083 55
Calling Toots by ChaloDillo Calling Toots :iconchalodillo:ChaloDillo 554 14 Cinder - RWBY by JxbP Cinder - RWBY :iconjxbp:JxbP 3,105 160 Shamouti Legends by catandcrown Shamouti Legends :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 1,604 60 misturie by zoruanna68 misturie :iconzoruanna68:zoruanna68 41 5 Steel Cold by MurPloxy Steel Cold :iconmurploxy:MurPloxy 293 45 Rwby Ep 8: Oh Nora... by Grumpythesheep Rwby Ep 8: Oh Nora... :icongrumpythesheep:Grumpythesheep 2,244 74 Popplio Evolutions?! by Smiley-Fakemon Popplio Evolutions?! :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 1,132 461 Cyndaquil and Charmander by griffsnuff Cyndaquil and Charmander :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 1,410 17 Mudkip and Popplio by griffsnuff Mudkip and Popplio :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 1,565 48 [ SAVE ]... by RoyalNoir [ SAVE ]... :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 13,775 524 ~ KITTY SANS ~ by RoyalNoir ~ KITTY SANS ~ :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 9,481 987 Skeletons with hair by RoyalNoir Skeletons with hair :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 6,650 930


Now, I've only seen a FEW of the whole Doctor and MLP bit, but I CAN say that I loved it. Then I found this. I think I stared at this p...



Ghost Nappa
United States
Welcome to my point of view. where insanity is a wonderful thing.
Hello everyone, to those who watch me I welcome you back. (THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ME~!) And to those of you who stumple upon my domain, :iconyesexcellentplz: WELCOME TO MY ABODE!

It comes to my attention that I have finished every nuzlocke I have done so far, with NO CASUALITIES.



But with this in mind I have decided to do something SPECIAL.

Me and my friends, :iconneonfinch: and :iconkiwipeach: will be doing simultaneous Nuzlockes, and putting them into one, SINGLE comic. As such, we will be using the same rules.

So here are the basics:
1.You may only catch the first pokemon in each area you go to.*, **
Dupes clause, version 2: You may not catch any duplicates. If the first pokemon you see is a duplicate, you may ignore it. If the second pokemon you see is a duplicate, you cannot catch anything for that area.
2. If a pokemon faints, it is dead, box it in the death box or release it.
3. DRUGS ARE BAD MKAY? :iconmkayplz: You may not use any drugs in this run. *Candy ain't a drug but sugar is AWESOME*

And that's all I have right now. Any suggestions on Legendaries and such? Or any other rules? TALK TO ME FOLKS~!
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  • Drinking: the desert


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