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Celestial Crevasse by saturnspace

Now, I've only seen a FEW of the whole Doctor and MLP bit, but I CAN say that I loved it. Then I found this. I think I stared at this p...


Ghost Nappa
United States
Welcome to my point of view. where insanity is a wonderful thing.
Hello everyone, to those who watch me I welcome you back. (THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ME~!) And to those of you who stumple upon my domain, :iconyesexcellentplz: WELCOME TO MY ABODE!

It comes to my attention that I have finished every nuzlocke I have done so far, with NO CASUALITIES.



But with this in mind I have decided to do something SPECIAL.

Me and my friends, :iconneonfinch: and :iconkiwipeach: will be doing simultaneous Nuzlockes, and putting them into one, SINGLE comic. As such, we will be using the same rules.

So here are the basics:
1.You may only catch the first pokemon in each area you go to.*, **
Dupes clause, version 2: You may not catch any duplicates. If the first pokemon you see is a duplicate, you may ignore it. If the second pokemon you see is a duplicate, you cannot catch anything for that area.
2. If a pokemon faints, it is dead, box it in the death box or release it.
3. DRUGS ARE BAD MKAY? :iconmkayplz: You may not use any drugs in this run. *Candy ain't a drug but sugar is AWESOME*

And that's all I have right now. Any suggestions on Legendaries and such? Or any other rules? TALK TO ME FOLKS~!
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Hey, are you able to get on LV?
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